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Establishing a new mindset


  • Definition and implementation of innovation strategy based on a human centric mindset.

  • Establishing a new mindset and new ways of working.

  • Assessment of current capabilities, identifying gaps and creating customized training for various teams.

  • Organizational design, incl. hiring six Innovation Heads for functions reaching from Design Methods to Ideation and Prototyping.


  • Applying Design Thinking in the definition of the strategy involving wider parts of the organisation as well as key stakeholders.

  • Building and executing a customized training plan for various teams.

  • Regular coaching sessions with Leaders and reflexion of applying a new mindset.

  • Re-defined recruiting process with a strong emphasize to test ability of candidates to collaborate radically and supporting a new mindset. 


  • Innovation strategy is implemented and new teams and heads are working with new mindset.

  • Improved and accelerated innovation process with more emphasis on the patient and other stakeholders in the observe and discovery phase of R&D and innovation initiatives.

  • Roll-out into wider part of the organization initiated.

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