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by utilizinig Business Ecosystem Design and Scale methodology

Business Ecosystem Design has established itself as its own discipline. Especially the requirements of the digital world, with various interconnected dependencies to deliver a unique value proposition, require a new way of thinking, new methods and tools that we bring to our client projects. With the iterative development of a Minimum Viable Ecosystem (MVE) we can sharpen the understanding of the involved actors in the system and design and map the flowing transitions accordingly. By developing a MVE we can keep the design effort low and increase the chances of success for our clients. Scaling the business ecosystem is one of the biggest challenges and one of our core competencies. Thinking exponentially means ensuring growth (e.g. doubling the customer base every 6 months), but also considering with  how our clients business model could be disrupted to achieve greater leverage from existing components, capabilities and network connections.

Leveraging all digital, physical and hybrid touchpoints is one of our principles for scaling!

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