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An Innovative Solution


  • Definition of Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) on cluster, team and individual level. 

  • Establishing a new mindset and team of teams culture.

  • Assessment of culture and team dynamics, creating customized virtual + project based trainings.

  • Team design and OKR design for cross-cultural and department collaboration.


The Solution

  • Applying Design Thinking for developing Objectives & Key Results + Missions for entire cluster.

  • Creating and executing a customized virtual + physical training plan for various teams.

  • Regular coaching sessions with teams, leaders and reflexion of applying a new mindset. 

  • Creating a blue-print for larger organisation in applying Design Thinking, creation and communi-cation of success stories over townhall meetings and internal social media channels.


  • T-shaped teams operating in network organisation setting 

  • Empirical design thinking process applied in various teams and projects

  • Accelerated time-to-market with more emphasis on the patient and physicians

  • Set-up, methodologies and tools used for wider parts of the pharma company globally. 

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