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An Innovative Solution


  • Identification new growth strategy with regard to business ecosystems.

  • Growing into a new market segment.

  • Re-design of asset products/portfolios.

  • Tapping into new and changing customer behaviours.

  • Building new and frequent customer touchpoints and an unique and innovative ecosystem and have the ambition to do that.

The Solution

  • Applying Design Thinking for identification new and emerging customer needs.

  • Assessment and definition of ecosystem strategy for defined target segment.

  • Mapping of existing products, services and capabilities to Business Ecosystem Initiatives.

  • Design of various Prototypes, Value Propositions and MVPs to conduct customer and market validation.

  • Modeling for the entire ecosystem with MVE.

  • Roadmap for implementation future shifts from physical to hybrid and digital touchpoints.


  • Establishing a definition of ecosystem strategy for a defined target segment.

  • Outline of an operating and governance model.

  • Output applying defined business cases, incl. needs for ecosystem and future revenues.

  • Providing a set roadmap defined with clear responsibilities and deadlines.

  • Embedded in overall transformation strategy.

  • Focusing on hybrid model to engage server and build trust with customers.

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